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Netball is a ball sport for two teams of seven players; its rules are published in print and online by the International Netball Federation. Games are played on a  ‎ Objective · ‎ Court and dimensions · ‎ Ball · ‎ Playing time. Find out about the basic rules of netball and the various playing positions in the sport with this article. At INF Congress new Rules were approved for inf_netball_rules__cover implementation in International Matches from January 1 The rules are. International Federation of Netball Associations 15 June At INF Congress new Rules were approved for implementation in International Matches from January 1 Pivoting does not count as a step. Re-grounding that same foot a second time while still in possession of the ball is a step which will result in a free pass to stake 7 opposition. The two-handed pass is sometimes called a chest-pass. For the first week or two, the umpires may be lenient and give you a second chance to correct a technical fault such as stepping onto the court as you take a throw ininstead of giving the free pass to the opposing team.

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Nails Nails must be kept short. Player Name 2 18pts 3. You cannot travel with the ball. Treagus, Mandy January Player Name 4 14pts 5. Substantial revisions were made during a visit in from another American teacher, Miss Porter, who introduced rules from women's basketball in the United States; the game also moved outdoors onto grass courts, the playing court was divided into three zones, and the baskets were replaced with rings that had nets. Minor or 'technical' rules".


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