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A city full of closed doors and dead ends, boxed in and lined with nothing but rough edges: That's Thief. Metacritic Game Reviews, Thief for PC, Garrett, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the  Rating ‎: ‎M. In Previews erlebten wir Thief bislang nur auf Konsole, für diese Ausgabe erreichte uns die PC- Review -Fassung, allerdings nicht in der finalen.


THIEF Review! Adam Sessler Reviews Get Deal On PC. I played a mostly complete pre-release build of the PC version of Thiefand I have to assume—or at least hope—that some of the more obvious bugs will be ironed out by or shortly after launch. Most of those arrows, though, are extremely limited in where they can be used - particularly the fire, water, and rope arrows that only work on very specific objects like open-flame lights and leaking oil barrels. Because of that, Thief can take about as long as you want it to to complete. Das beginnt mit Orten, Namen, Symbolen review thief mystischen Hintergründen, welche schon in Dark Project für Spannung sorgten. The levels offer tons of hidden treasures and replayability and some of the best levels in the way of how creative or online casino games market you need to be to remain undetected I've seen in years. Thief enthält jede Menge moderne Gameplay-Elemente, die im Vorfeld bei skeptischen Fans jedoch Sorgenfalten auf die Stirn zeichneten. review thief